A few More Things I Love

So nice to see Bernie at the Inauguration.  

Since then he's been everywhere.

Here in my neighborhood,

stalking my cousin Tom in LA;  he's everywhere, and his team is selling his image on sweatshirts and everything printable, making a bundle for the Vermont Foodbank and Meals on Wheels and inspiring creativity and generosity all over the place.  The company that made his jacket gave away fifty jackets just like his to women and little kids!  

Here's Bernie celebrating his election as Mayor of Burlington in 1981.  In 2015 when Bernie ran for president and everyone was saying "Who's that?"  this picture, taken by my brother Rob, was all over the news. This week Rob added the mittens to bring the image up to date. 

That's not Rob's first dance with fame.  

You may have seen this photo in 2012 or so. It went viral. the internet doesn't seem to know who took it, but it was Rob.  Everyone thought those cows had something to say.

At one point this was the most posted and shared image in the WORLD!   

You can see more of Rob's work but be careful. If you just google Rob Swanson you'll get Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation.  To see my brother you have to google Rob Swanson, Photographer. You'll be happy you did.

                                    I really want to draw this some time. 

I like cows, too.


  1. Another amazing blog post! I look to Friday for more than Friday!


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