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Walk a Crooked Path to the Palace of Wisdom

 Or the Palace of ART. Here's the story of a collage I had no intention of making. Audrey Webber, Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church has come up with a terrific idea--Visual Art Bible Study.  Yesterday I was feeling oppressed by the number of meetings I've put on my calendar, wondering how to make more time for making art, but Audrey asked me to show up and so I did. She showed us some work by Gerhard Richter, to whom I've never paid much attention.  This included a short video of him spreading paint on a big canvas with a squeegee. He also designed stained glass windows for a church in Germany, even though he declares himself an agnostic. Then Audrey asked us to think about how we visualize God; that's an interesting discussion for one who thinks in pictures.  My first thought is always Michelangelo's image. Here's a version by a second-grader who said, "God is the only one who has clothes." Then we read together a Bible verse, John 17:20.

The Universe Answers Back!

 Last week I declared my intentions as an artist  and the universe, in the persons of some of my lovely friends, is answering back. Bonnie Ford Woit wrote back; this painting is hers. Budding, Looking Up 54"x54" This what she wrote to me; Barbara, Keep working! I am now 90 years old, painting for at least 65 years. The advice I got from  other artists  when younger and frustrated by the gallery system was simply--  keep working, It is the doing as a way of life that we crave anyway!  Bonnie And Molly Heron New Beginnings  by © Molly Heron Prints available upon request.  Contact "Happy new year  From your mouth/writing to the universe’s ears. May it be so.  As one person said,  Other fools have done it. So can I.  Not that you’re a fool I’m putting a similar intention into the universe. May I sell my paintings and photographs, have several galleries that I love working with who sell my work widely and that my work continues to open up doors of percep