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What's Next?

 I'm afraid my current drawing is just not looking good or promising or even intriguing.  Arthur said last week, "It's not supposed to be easy," but I'm not so sure. Sometimes a struggle can be enlightening but then again, it's nice when things seem to flow.  Actually, this looks better than I had thought. Here's the next phase.  Maybe it's not that bad. You know what?  I've been feeling discouraged, as you may have observed but seeing these shots makes me feel a little better.  I'm going to keep on keeping on. I'm writing this Thursday morning, to post it tonight so it will be in your inbox first thing tomorrow. Our son, Sam, and his wife, Annye, are visiting, and later we're going to the Met to see Manet/Degas. We'll take the C train to 86th St and walk across the park.  I bet I see something really inspiring to share with you. Later in the Day Well, I feel much better now.  A nice walk across the Park... And then the Met.  Manet

the Seed

 I've decided to celebrate the fifth anniversary of my blog by just keeping at it. I'm working on a new drawing that's giving me trouble.  When I told Arthur that it was not coming easily he said, "Good. It's  not supposed to be easy." Hmph.  Here it is--my New Pagoda in progress. I started without a clear vision and now I don't know what I'm doing.  Do I want a landscape in the background or an elaborate frame?  I thought about a meadering stream and a waterfall but I no longer have room. I'll keep plugging away, hoping it comes together.  I always worry about making it too Hallmark-y, I'll have to keep at it and try to cut the sweetness. Meanwhile I've been busy with the new show at First Presbyterian Church, which I hope you'll come see on Sunday afternoon. Here's the invitation/Announcement; Art at First at the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York  is pleased to present Featuring work by Ellen Alt, Cecilia Andre, Ry

New Projects

 I have finished my new Great Blue Heron--maybe I should say Rob's Heron because he was my source. . I don't usually do such a direct copy; I'm more likely to put him someplace he doesn't quite belong, like a living room, but this was fun and you never know, I could cut him out and put him in a collage.  As I worked I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert read her book on creativity titled Big Magic . She's quite inspiring in the way she describes our creativity as an actual being who urges us to just keep at it for the joy of doing. I'm finding joy in the show that Fran Beallor and I are curating at First Presbyterian Church.  We named it The Seed, inspired by this quote from Camus; “One’s work is nothing but the long journey through life to recover, through the detours of art, the one or two great and simple images that first gained access to one’s heart.” We asked artists, "what was that image for you?  What first gained access to your heart and made you decide

A Work in Progress and an Upcoming Anniversary

 This is what's  on my drawing table this week. I felt bad about saying that blurry pelican from the drawing for Sunny was my brother Rob's, so I'm doing a Great Blue Heron and using his photo as a reference, not to say I'm copying it.  I'm also referring to Audubon's Great Blue as you can see here. The feathers on the underside of the raised wing are awfully hard to discern and I'm afraid they may look wonky but I will persist. Here's more; I'm not sure about this but I'll start on the background and maybe I'll think of something later.  Or maybe I'll decide I like it. So I got out my jar of black ink and...OH, NO! See the black dot on his neck? This is the second time in the last two drawings that I've made a major mess!  this one I can't cover up with collage so I have to live with it. Almost finished with the crosshatch background and the spot is not bothering me too much. I wish it weren't there but what can I do? Maybe I