Sunday, March 15, 2020

More Subway Art

Houston Street

After my post about the Weimaraners my friend, Louanne, reminded me of these amazing mosaics at the Houston Street station on the number 1 line. Designed by Deborah Brown in 1995,

they show marine creatures frolicking in our subway cars and stations.  In 1995 it was amusing, now in the age of climate change and rising sea levels it’s ominous.
But at the moment we have other things to worry about.  let’s just enjoy that we have a subway system that believes art is important and if you're avoiding the subway right now, here they are.

A manatee looking over a reader's shoulder.  This one may be my favorite.

I'm sorry not to have the whole picture in some of these, but standing with my back to the subway tracks gave me flip flops in my stomach. 

Let them inspire us to be active in saving our mother, the earth.

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  1. If you haven't yet seen them, check out the wonderful mosaics at the Essex St station of the F and M. Each level has a separate theme: wonderful, iridescent fish on one, trees and cherries on the other. There was also a delightful PBS show about creating subway mosaics which showed other stations with beautiful ones outside Manhattan. Several outdoor stations in the Bronx have wonderful stained glass art, including one of zoo animals. Keep safe and healthy, everyone, and congrats on your anniversary. Fredda


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