Thursday, July 9, 2020

Another Artist I Love and a Happy Surprise

In February of 2018, I went to see Michelangelo's drawings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
It was overwhelming. I spent a few hours gazing at those lines, getting as close as I could.  How did he do that? The authority, the ease with which he created life on paper.   It was a privilege to get so close.  I knew I'd probably never get a chance like that again, so I gazed and gazed.  By the time I staggered out of those galleries I was almost blind.

The exit from Michaelangelo led right into...David Hockney!

What a juxtaposition! It was like an eyewash, like a bath of color. 

A few years ago Mr. Hockney posed for pictures for I don't remember what publication, but it looks like he got really playful with the photographer.
I cut up those pictures and got playful myself.

Here he is with his muse.

Here he is in a toy car with a few Rembrandts.

Here he is in the desert exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden. I gave him fancy shoes.

In this shot, he was inside a box but I've always thought of him as being outside the box 
so I sat him on top of the Parthenon. 

So, thank you to the curators at the Met for the amazing juxtaposition of artists that opened my eyes to both of them. And thank you Mr. Hockney for all the color and fun. 

After leaving the Hockney show I hit the gift shop and found...

 Hockney is a Dachshund lover! I knew there was something special about him!  He wrote this book, about "those dear little creatures" whose life is "all about food and love."

Of course, I bought the book for Arthur but yesterday, writing this post, I couldn't find it so I googled
Hockney, dachshund, art. The results were amazing.
What Makes a Dachshund the Perfect Muse?
Why Dachshunds are the Dog of Choice for Creative Types

the list of articles and blogs is endless and OMG!  The artists who love and paint Dachshunds! 
Andy Warhol! Pierre Bonnard!  Gertrude Stein! Maira Kalman! Picasso! 

This little cutie was the mascot for the 1972 Olympic Games.

This is Earl Wetstein, who retired from advertising and concentrates on placing Dachshunds in great paintings.

So I'm not alone in my love for the Noble Dachshund.  Now you're gonna think I'm totally gaga, but when I was pregnant with my firstborn, I dreamed I gave birth to a dachshund.  And I was really happy.  Don't get me wrong--I absolutely adore my Jessie, born today, July 9.  But I also totally adore Lucy. 
Here she is in a portrait by Molly, age 7. 

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