Thursday, December 17, 2020

Some Progress and a Couple of Diversions

 Here's the next stage in the work I showed you on December third.

I've filled in the red bricks on the second floor, the gold railing for the third floor, and I've almost finished the caryatids holding up the roof. I'm glad I'm writing this and not speaking it, as I've never learned how to pronounce that word.   

It's taken longer than I thought it would because I took some time off to work on a new wreath. This won't be finished by Christmas but it's putting me in the mood.I rescued a beautiful boxwood wreath  from the trash last year and I've been meaning all year to put it down on paper.

Maybe next year it'll be a Christmas card.

Back to the Red House--and the roof is up! It's cropped off a bit--I always push the edges of the paper.  May I can add something on photoshop.  It's coming along. 

 I like having two pieces going. In making all those little dots-my hand moving almost automatically and my mind wandering--I came up with my next piece.

Years ago I spied in a shop window in a village in Italy-either Montepulciano or Arezzo, a scarf that absolutely sang to me.

"Arthur, I have to have that scarf!"  and Arthur came through.

Here's a detail.

Six feet of filmy silk depicting a great house of eight stories and staircases, inhabited by an army of Olive Oyl figures.  I love the fifties Elvis in the Malt Shoppe vibe of the black and white and pink color scheme and the checkerboard floors.

This will be the interior of the red house.  I can't wait.

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