Thursday, March 25, 2021

A Work in Progress: Celebrating the Green

 Last Monday, March 14, my friend, Lois, invited me to a Zoom St Patrick's party.  the invitation said, 

                                        Get your Green on for a Green Rendez-vous!

On the same day the NY Times ran an article about the Irish American Society and its beautiful townhouse, which sits on Fifth Avenue, across from the Met. 

You know how much I love drawing houses so I perked up. I've often stood on the steps of the Met and looked at this house, saying, I should draw that some time.  The time has come! A new idea! What color should I use?  More Red?  I'm just finishing up House of Red and so could use a little rest from the Red family.

St Patrick's Day?  Irish American Society?  So it's the House of Green and for the Irish flag, a few touches of orange.  Then I remembered that when I put out a request for ideas as to who should live in the House of Red my cousin, Anna, voted for a mermaid. 

I said, I'll have to wait until I do a piece with blues and greens.  And now, here I am. But isn't there something more Irish than a mermaid?  A selkie? A mythical creature who's a seal in the water and when she comes on land she sheds her seal skin and becomes a woman.  I might even have one in this early etching. Pretty close, don't you think?

So here I go.

Yes, I'm setting the house in the sea and yes, that's a whale in the parlor.

Watch this space for more to come--a school of goldfish, for the orange, a hermit crab, maybe a ship or two.  Yesterday I listened to the Beatles all afternoon so...maybe a Yellow Submarine. I'm having a blast! You can tell because the studio is getting really messy! 

I want to thank all of you who came to my Zoom event on the 13th; it meant a lot to me to see your lovely faces on the screen.  

Thanks also for coming to the New York Artists Circle show, Fragile Earth.  If you missed that, you can see it at this link:

Lastly, after the attacks of 2001 the people of the Netherlands gave New York City a gift of five hundred thousand daffodil bulbs, to remind us that spring always comes. 

Those daffodils, their children and grandchildren are now appearing all over the neighborhood, delivering a much need dash of joy. Wherever you are, I wish you daffodils.

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