Thursday, March 11, 2021

Pink Balloons Day Please come to my Soiree tomorrow evening

 When I'm asked to briefly describe my work I say,

"I draw architectural fantasies in pen and ink and populate them with animals, angels and baseball players."


I'm hoping that makes you want to see for yourself.

If it does, now's your chance.

Tomorrow at 5 o'clock I'm hosting a Zoom gathering with my co-host, the artist Fran Beallor, to talk about my work and show you how it's evolved.  I'll talk about inspiration, about recognizing an idea, catching it and bringing it to life.

We're doing this on March 13 because it's the birthday of my grandmother, whose last day I wrote about  in Pink Balloons, the story of a day I had to find a way to celebrate in the midst of grief. We're also commemorating the one year anniversary of the quarantine, with all the fear, grief and anxiety we've gone through.  How do we go on from here?  

Lately I've heard or read the same thing from Dave Chappell and Barack Obama; 

"You have to find a way to find joy."

Let's see if we can do that together-or at least let's try.  Here's the link-just click here at 5 tomorrow.

See you then!

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