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 I'm sad to report that this Sunday, November 19, is the last day to view "The Seed," on view in the Great Hall Gallery at First Presbyterian Church, 12 West 12th Street at Fifth Avenue in New York City.

The inspiration comes from a quote from Albert Camus; “One’s work is nothing but the long journey through life to recover, through the detours of art, the one or two great and simple images that first gained access to one’s heart.”

I first heard that quote in a speech the great Robert Beverly Hale gave at an Art Students League dinner in __1975. It has stayed with me since then, inspiring me to reflect on the roots of my inspiration, and helping to clarify my thoughts about my work.

Turns out I'm not the only one it resonated with. My friend Fran Beallor and I talked about it now and then as we pursued our separate practices in isolation. Under the pandemic we found new ways to reach out, learning various ways of communicating and finally we said, "Let's do it." We sent out a call for submissions asking artists, "What was that one great and simple image for you?"
We asked them to show us that image and one piece of their current work.

What we got back was amazing. People shared their thoughts on where their ideas and inspiration came from; Van Gogh's Sunflowers, Martha Graham, the Moon, Leonardo DaVinci,and our mothers and fathers.
Then we came up with the name, The Seed; the Spark that Sets an Art Life in Motion.

Then we started hanging the work.

I don't know if this looks like fun to you but it reminds me of one of my parents' big lessons--it's always more fun to be in on the work than watching from the sidelines.
Working together on a project is also a great path to friendship.

All done! Here we are in front of the work of, Left to right, Lois Bender, Sandra Taggart, Andy Feldman and Christina Maile.
Here's more of the show.

From Left to right, work by Alice Zinnes, Sarah Hauser, Darcy Spitz, Victoria Pacemeo
and Janice MacDonnell.

Lois Bender (sorry to cut you off, Lois) Sandra Taggart, Andy Feldman.

Christina Maile and Ryan Bauer-Walsh.

From left to right, Elizabeth White-Pultz, Ellen Alt, Joanne Steinhardt, Regina Silvers, Avani Patel, and Eileen Hoffman.

Should the curators show their own work? Fran says yes!

Fran Beallor and Barbara Swanson Sherman.
Cecilia Andre and Barbara Hermor

January Moon Choi.

Cecilia Andre.

Here are most of us at the opening. I really hope you can come help us celebrate but if you can't, we're planning a Zoom Artists Talk to maybe put on Youtube.

Thank you to all the artists who participated for every thing you did to make this show a success.


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